We are Limbic Cinema.
An award-winning multimedia creative studio.

What We Do

Limbic Cinema create light sculptures and video art works for installation, interaction and performance. Our work is exhibited in a wide range of environments, including science museums, theatres and music festivals, sometimes for just one night, and sometimes on permanent display.

We take ideas from initial exploration right the way through to the point of exhibition for audiences, including the technical delivery. Our team work alongside clients and external partners to develop the ideas and methodologies that bests suit the message we’re communicating, and it’s environment.

We believe that people can be enriched through engagement with the arts, and we endeavour to create beautiful and meaningful pieces which can inspire and move audiences.

How Limbic met....

Limbic Cinema was formed in 2012. Working at the cutting edge of moving image video design for live events, designing complex projection mapped stages at major festivals such as Glastonbury and Greenman.

As we have evolved we have broadened our client base whilst continuing to take an innovate and multimedia approach to audio-visual communication.

Our Clients