Alfresco Disco

“Limbic Cinema are reliable, bright and easy to work with at all times throughout the commissioning process. They always manage to wow us with their ideas and delivery of any brief they are given.  

They are impressively adaptable, I would highly recommend them to anyone, and trust they would be able to exceed expectations no matter what the scale of brief or situation.”  Victoria Holden Alfresco Disco

Alfresco Disco produce incredible parties in unusual spaces in and around the Bristol area. If you’re not familiar with their work this Crack Magazine Article sums up their parties very well.

We have been their resident projection team since 2010 and have enjoyed working with them to bring imaginative projections into some of the most surprising party venues you could ever dream of. From Mansions to Forests and many more in between.


New years eve 2014 was held in a gym with the theme ‘Energy Flash’, so all the content was 80s inspired neon shapes and patterns.

We created a Geometric mapped stage surround for the Live stage and 2 special installations. 1 using 10 pixel mapped LED Batons to play with the light & shadows moving around the room. 

“Rave of the Decade” – Alfresco managed to secure the use of the prestigious Weston Grand Pier as the venue, and it made for a very special event. We created a couple of simple visual installations to compliment the arcade  games and reflect the 90s theme. The visuals help transport  the revellers back to the raving roots of 90s warehouse parties. We used a lot of live cameras, mixed with old footage from those actual early raves to really bring the atmosphere to life.