“Limbic Cinema have been involved in Freerotation since the beginning. They are all highly talented individuals, each with their own personal style, and all blessed with a talent for creativity, invention, professionalism and sublime aesthetics.

It’s rare to find people with such abundance of technical knowledge and artistic flare.Suzy Bee Freerotation

Freerotation is one of the UK’s smallest but most respected Electronic Audio/Visual Festivals. Set in Baskerville Hall Hotel, a 19th century estate on the Welsh/English border; it provides a unique setting for an intimate party catering for a discerning audience.

The visual programming is as important as the music to the organisers and we’re proud to have been part of the Freerotation family for quite some time now. We’ve been performing live visual sets there for years, but since the last four events we’ve had the honour of designing bespoke mapped setups to go in each of the main music arenas. We worked closely with the festival’s directors to come up with designs that, in turn, complement the festivals organic aesthetic and the venue’s grand architecture.