Glastonbury – The Temple

In 2017 Limbic Cinema were commissioned by The Common at Glastonbury Performing Arts Festival to create visuals for The Temple stage.

Six 20,000 Lumen HD projectors were used to projection map the entire stage for the duration of the festival.

We worked closely with Jake Pond (Concept Artist) and Jody Schofield (Physical Designer and Fabricator) to finalise a design that was both true to original concepts and achievable in terms of the projection mapping ambitions of the project.

2D and 3D content were created and we operated the visuals throughout the weekend.


The repetition in the stage design allowed us to generate lighting patterns which turned the huge stage design into a giant light fixture.


We collaborated with Bristol based illustrators Zoe Power and Harriet Antink who drew patterns on a 2D UV map which were later animated and projection mapped on to the stage design.