Roni Size – Tour Visuals

We’ve been working closely with Roni Size to create a brand new touring audio-visual show.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the seminal Drum and Bass album New Forms.

Screenshot 2017-05-17 22.20.36

We premiered the first 30 minutes of the show at the MPG Awards in February where Roni picked up the Inspiration Award.

Screenshot 2017-05-17 22.18.48

The design is three dimensional and utilises space with the use of semi transparent projection screen and addressable LED tubes. The gauze screen holds an image while also allowing the audience to see Roni using his Hardware and having a boogie.

Screenshot 2017-05-17 22.17.43

The LED tubes are controlled with video content and arranged behind Roni to create a strong silhouette and accentuate the depth in the design.

Screenshot 2017-05-17 22.16.57


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