Sensory Symphony – Colston Hall

Sensory Symphony is an immersive installation that uses the hall’s 1951 architecture as a grand canvas to tell its own colourful story, cinematic projection and lighting design from Limbic Cinema and a carefully curated soundtrack by Joe Acheson (Hidden Orchestra) combine in this twenty five minute experience that celebrates the life and times of Colston Hall, unveiling the tales of the past, as well as glimpsing ahead into its future.

From the masterful trumpeting of Miles Davis to the thundering riffs of Led Zeppelin and the full symphonic power of the world’s greatest orchestras, Colston Hall’s auditorium has witnessed the full range of human emotion.

Every note, every feeling and every heartbeat has resonated around its walls, and each has become part of the fabric of this great hall. The atmosphere rings with the stories of its history.

Sensory Symphony_29

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