Skandha is a Sanskrit word, and in Buddhist phenomenology, represents the human being based on five Aggregates:

  • Form,
  • Sensation,
  • Perception,
  • Mental formations,
  • Consciousness.

In the Theravada tradition, suffering arises when one identifies with or clings to an aggregate (Skandhas translated from Sanskrit to english is aggregates). Suffering is extinguished by relinquishing attachments to aggregates. Buddha teaches that their interdependence is critical, and that nothing among them is really “I’ or “mine”.

This screen design from Prymedia is a visual representation of the above concept. The visual interpretation of the concept is broken down into five key areas of the overall screen, each representing an aggregate. The remaining circles in-between act as contact for the five aggregates to unite.

It was built in this instance for the Kamikazee stage at Shambala 2012, but was initially conceived as part of an on-going research project, in which the ideas of Buddhism, human condition and unified field would be explored through audio visual performance.