The Stick House

The Stick House is a promenade theatrical production designed to further the use of digital technology, sound, light and film in traditional theatre. Produced by Raucous, this dark gothic fable immerses audiences in a magical world brought to life by the integration of projection, light, robotics and surround sound.

As a part of the multidisciplinary team assembled by Raucous, Limbic Cinema created the video elements for the 2nd half of the show: An astral being’s appearance in a mirror, a magical forest scene of starlight and bioluminescence and the climax of the play; a series of stone archways that build and crumble around the heroine.

The show was exceptionally well received with 5 star reviews coming from many publications and The Guardian’s theatre correspondent calling it “the best use of digital technology in theatre” she’d ever experienced.
The show was also later voted Bristol247’s theatre production of the year.

Along with the challenges of creating the video, the show was incredibly technically complex. A total of 3 networked computers running Qlab controlled various parts of the light, sound and video, all triggered by an ipad operated by the stage manager following the audience through the space. In underground caverns the fluctuating wifi signal presented enough problems on it’s own!