The Caligari Experience

“Compass Presents have enjoyed numerous collaborations with Limbic Cinema. Their appetite for new challenges makes working with them an exciting, rewarding process. Their ambition, their sensitivity to atmosphere and environment, and their artistic integrity are key to the scale and quality of their work. Tara Sachdeva, Compass Presents

Our Role on The Caligari Experience:

  • Scenography (Physical Stage Design)
  • Art Work (Watercolour Paintings)

  • Film Editing
  • Projection Mapping
  • Live Operation

Compass Presents asked us to help them realise their plans for a multi-disciplinary, expanded cinema screening of The Cabinet of Dr Caligari.

After designing a set which was directly inspired by the set designs in the film itself, we hand-painted video backdrops to be projection mapped across the set, this extended the film’s presence across the stage.

Compass choreographed incredible dance and acrobatic performances that drew inspiration from the plot, characters and subtexts of the film. This created an immersive environment for the sell-out crowd to be absorbed into the world of Dr Caligari, aided by the new score composed and performed live by Minima.

In 2015 The Caligari Experience won the award for Best Live Event at The Media Innovation Awards