1. Creative

Our experienced team thrives on all aspects of a project process. Concept development is at the core of our work, we put great value into project initiation, working closely with our client/partner to understand their story.

- Concept and ideation

- Storyboards and pre-visualisations

- Creative direction and show design

2. Production

Our in-house production capabilities and adaptive workflow enable us to move seamlessly between 3D design, animation and live events. From storyboarding architectural projection mapping shows to designing lighting for a main stage at a festival, our diverse skill set enables us to direct, produce and deliver across a rich variety of platforms.

- Motion-graphics and VFX

- Film production and post production

- 3D modelling and animation

immersive video design. Glastonbury

3. Technical

Our unique ability to manage the creative direction and technical delivery in-house makes our project delivery efficient and reliable. We have over ten years of experience with 3D projection mapping, bespoke systems design has become an integral part of delivering our projects, each event presents new challenges that require adaptability.

- Projection mapping and installation

- Lighting design and programming

- Systems design and live-operation

Projection Mapping

Architectural Facades

Projection mapping has become increasingly popular for one off events that want to stand out and engage with huge audiences. It is our most sought after service. 

Our projection mapping work is award winning, we have years of experience conceiving, creating and delivering huge shows on iconic and intricate architecture facades.