A multi-award-winning vertical dance and projection mapping show

Freedom Festival

Collaborating with Full Tilt Aerial dance company to push the boundaries of dance and moving image, we created an outdoor augmented reality experience for audiences at Hull’s Freedom Festival in 2018.

We used projection mapping to synchronise with vertical dancers performing on the facade of Hull’s art college. This helped enhance the dancers against the animated scenes and the architecture, shifting the public’s perception of three-dimensional space, resulting in an awe-inspiring experience.

We won the ‘Live Mapping Award’ at the Video Mapping Festival in Lille, and the ‘Creative Innovation in Video and Projection’ award at the Theatre and Technology Awards in 2019.


Creative Direction

Rowan Fae, Dela Seward & Limbic Cinema

Original Music Composition

Ahmet Kenan Bilgic and Serkan Emre Ciftci (Lu Records)


Linn Broden, Tilly Lee Kronick, Coral Dawson, Kin Dell & Joanna Palmer


Cihan Kuscu & Barney Wreyford