Ergo Sum

Stage and video design for an ambitious theatre production

Barbican Theatre

Ergo Sum is a multi-sensory experience, which combined live performance with technology, exploring the kaleidoscopic nature of human experience in the Sleight of Hand Theatre.

Framed as an empathy experiment, the project seeks to immerse audiences in the minds of characters living with psychiatric and neurological conditions, exploring the boundaries and transitions between hallucination and reality, and internal self versus the external world.

Limbic worked closely with Ellie Chadwick to develop visuals which brought these unique perspectives into focus for audiences.

The stage and video design was carefully crafted to transform the space in a multitude of ways. The panels in the set design morph from physical walls into windows through which other environments can be seen.

A full realisation of the production took place at the Barbican Pit in 2019


Written and Directed

Ellie Chadwick

Video Design and Animation

Limbic Cinema

Lighting Design

Ben Pacey

Set Design

Limbic Cinema