A pioneering large-scale interactive artwork designed for outdoor facades

Touring Artwork

Rewild is a magical and illuminated projection mapped animation that invites audiences to become part of the artwork, playful gestures trigger emissions of butterflies and insects that go on to cause further growth across the scene.

Originally commissioned by Severn Arts as part of Worcester Light Night 2021, Rewild is a touring installation that can be adapted to suit different architecture and spaces due to the flexibility in the real time software!

Small groups and individuals see themselves projected in realtime on the surface of the building alongside an evolving scene that includes imagery of Keystone animals such as Lynx and Bison.

The experience seeks to promote positive human action and a more harmonious relationship between humans and nature. Starting conversations about how we can restore and rebalance our natural ecosystems.

The project uses a Kinect camera in conjunction with a real-time animation engine (Notch) to capture audiences and playback the animations.

Rewild was shortlisted for a Digital Culture Award in the Digital Content category in 2023


Creative Direction, Animation, Music

Limbic Cinema


Holly Mullineaux