Sinuous City

An abstract visualisation of how climate change could impact life & water

Absolutely Cultured

Sinuous City was developed as part of ‘Flood Lights’ a citywide public projection event that took place in the centre of Hull. Kinetic lighting, multi-layered projections, and spatial sound design created an abstract and at times visceral depiction of a flood. Visuals of cherished personal items and familiar locations were brought to the surface, giving a sense of identity, fragility, resilience, and the passage of time.

Vicky Foster's poetry interweaved the experiences of local people to create a community voice that gave historical context to the narrative.

After the six-minute experience audiences were invited further into the space where a series of visual poems reflect on the dualities of living with water.


Created by

Limbic Cinema


Vicky Foster


Joe Acheson (Hidden Orchestra)